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Unlock the Skills to Thrive as a WRAP INSTALLER.


About CK Wraps Training Program

CK Wraps Training Program is a leading vinyl wrap and PPF training facility. Our program is designed to provide comprehensive training to individuals who want to enter the industry or enhance their existing skills. Our experienced trainers provide hands-on training and share their expertise in a supportive learning environment. Contact us today to learn more about our customized training programs.


wHY choose us?

Over the many years we've spent as a wrap shop, content creators, and instructors, we've forged strong partnerships with reputable wrap brands and manufacturers. The CK certification is a widely recognized industry pass, whether you're looking to open your own shop, land a job as an installer, or partner with esteemed wrap brands.

Our Training Services

"Chris is honestly by far one of the best instructors I've had! The amount of information and context gone over in the 3 days was incredible & again nothing short of information with virtually all car wraps on the market comparing quality, durability, price points etc. An amazing experience and will definitely be back for the ppf training!"

Demarco Hamilton
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